About my profession

Short description:

With the development of the Internet, every second person considers himself a writerPeople write blogs, live magazines, create websites, write texts for them, communicate in forums and dream that their records will still be liked by someoneA writer is a person who creates a meaningful text (work) and earns a living from itThat is, it is not enough just to write the text, put it in a box or place it on your blogWriters have a certain circle of readers, this is their main or one of the main activities.

History of the profession:

The process of creating written texts has changedIn ancient times, records were left on the walls, stones, and then the letters were drawn out with a feather on parchmentAt the beginning of the 20th century, writers switched from the usual way of capturing their thoughts by hand to the more moderntypingToday, these noisy cars replaced computersIt is difficult to say who stands at the origins of this profession, because history can be traced only by who became one of the creatorsThe ancient scientific treatise of Hesiod, Homer’s Iliad, many artistic, journalistic and philosophical works are our heritage inherited from our ancestors. …
The social importance of the profession in society: Writers play a huge role in educating the massesIt is difficult to imagine how people would replenish vocabulary, learn to write and speak correctly, if not for the classics of literatureIf fiction is just a pleasant pastime at leisure reading, then scientific and philosophical works, technical instructions, observations and recommendations of doctors, school textbooksall this makes people think, monitor their body, eat right and educate their children for good  fairy tales.

The mass and uniqueness of the profession:

The writer must have a humanitarian mindset and a developed imaginationIt is impossible to invent a work of art without bright imaginationHe must know the rules of grammar, avoid syntactic errors and, most importantly, be able to give an ordinary word a poetic color or emotion with the help of synonyms, associations, and corporate identityIf we are talking about the writer of detectives, then there must be a hard syllable, an emphasis on facts and plot, a la action movie.

Risks of the profession:

The representatives of this profession are not quite ordinary peopleThey are bright, shocking, emotional, often cholericThat is, they do not know how to create in the normal stateWriters who cannot but write themselves are looking unconsciously for an object that will cause them, for example, moral pain, and then they sit down at a deskIt may also leave the Muse, and then you will not squeeze the lines out of yourself, but the public is waitingIf you do not go to extremes, then this is a great way of selfexpression and you can go down in history, become a famous world writer.