Can I cash a USPS money order at Western Union?

Can I cash a USPS money order at Western Union?

You can cash a money order at places like Western Union or Moneygram, at some grocery and convenience stores, and at the post office.

Does tops cash postal money orders?

Short Answer: Tops Friendly Markets sells Western Union money orders up to $500 at all of its stores. There is a $1 fee. Tops does not cash money orders.

How do I cash a postal money order without ID?

If you don’t have any ID, you can endorse the money order to someone else, like a sibling or friend, who does have an ID. Then they can cash it for you. Don’t forget that you’ll probably face some service fees to cash the money order.

Will a bank cash a money order without an account?

A money order is similar to a check, except that it’s prepaid. Like checks, you can deposit money orders into a bank account. But if you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to use your bank account to cash a money order, you can still cash it at a post office or a check-cashing store.

Does Walgreens cash money orders?

Walgreens doesn’t sell or cash money orders at any of its stores, including Duane Reade locations. Instead, Walgreens offers Western Union money transfers.

Who can cash MoneyGram money orders?

A MoneyGram money order can be deposited into your bank/credit union account or cashed at many check cashing locations. Each location has their own policy for cashing money orders and may charge a fee to cash the money order. Most check cashing locations will require ID to cash the money order.

How do I cash a money order I already filled out?

What if I already filled out the money order but no longer need it for the payment I was going to make? If the money order is not altered and in good condition, you may try to cash the money order at your bank or a check cashing store.

Can I cash my money order online?

Short Answer. You can use mobile deposit for money orders with certain banks, including Citibank, Fifth Third Bank, and Wells Fargo. You can also mobile deposit a money order if you have a PayPal Cash Plus account. However, note that MoneyGram prohibits mobile deposit of its money orders.