Can I claim Western Union in M Lhuillier?

Can I claim Western Union in M Lhuillier?

M Lhuillier’s network boosts the number of locations customers may access Western Union® Money Transfer services nation-wide by 2,500. “We are very pleased to collaborate with M Lhuillier and welcome them back to the Western Union family.

Can I claim Western Union in LBC?

LBC outlets will offer pay out services for transactions sent via Western Union® services at all of its over 1,400 locations nationwide, thus providing more convenience to consumers. “We are pleased with this collaboration between PETNET and LBC.

Can I pick up Western Union in Cebuana Lhuillier?

Money transfer customers accessing Cebuana Lhuillier’s nationwide branch network will be able to send or receive money via Western Union’s global network in more than 200 countries and territories. …

How do I claim money from Western Union Philippines?

How to receive money in the Philippines:

  1. Confirm the money’s ready for pickup. Track your transfer online.
  2. Find a Western Union agent location near you.
  3. Take your tracking number (MTCN), valid photo ID and complete the Receive Money form.
  4. Sign the receipt and receive your cash.

Is M Lhuillier and Western Union same?

M Lhuillier was a previous Agent of Western Union for more than 10 years. “M Lhuillier is a bridge connecting customers with their families and loved ones. We are delighted to collaborate with Western Union and enable customers to connect to or from nearly every country in the world, including domestically.

How many ID do I need for Western Union?

You’ll need to present any official government-issued ID, such as: Passport. Govt Office/ GOCC ID. Driver’s License.

Can I claim Mlhuillier in LBC?

With over 3,000 branches nationwide, sending and receiving money has never been more convenient! M Lhuillier has expanded this branch network with its partnership with other big networks namely LBC Express, RuralNet (Cash Co.), and Starpay, making this service more accessible and convenient.

How much is Western Union limit?

How much money can I send with Western Union?

Service Limit per transfer
In Minutes, Three Day, and WU® Pay $2,500
Next Day $500
Mobile Money Transfer $500
Bill Payments/Quick Collect $2,500 per 7 days to a biller (certain states have a limit of $400 only)

Does Western Union require ID to send money?

Note: You must be at least 18 years old with a valid, government-issued ID* to send or receive money with Western Union. Your receiver will need to present an ID and answer the test question to receive the money.

Can I claim RD Pawnshop in MLhuillier?

– Go to your neareast RD Pawnshop or M Lhuillier – For first-time or new RD Pawnshop or M Lhuillier customer, kindly fill up the KYC (Know your Customer) Form – Fill up the withdraw form – Submit the forms to the cashier and present two(2) valid IDs – Check here for Valid IDs reference.

How do I claim MLhuillier?


  1. Go to the cash out option > Click Remittance Centers > Choose M Lhuillier Cash Pickup.
  2. Enter the amount that you want to cash out. This will be the amount your recipient will claim.
  3. Click next, then fill up the recipient details.
  4. Your claiming details will appear on the app after you Slide to pay.