How do I file a fair housing complaint?

How do I file a fair housing complaint?

Call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at 800-669-9777 or visit the HUD website to file a complaint or get answers to your fair housing questions.

What can a federal judge award in a fair housing lawsuit?

Compensation for actual damages, including out-of-pocket expenses and emotional distress damages. Permanent injunctive relief, such as an order not to discriminate. Appropriate equitable relief, such as making housing available to you. Payment of reasonable attorney’s fees if you hired a private attorney.

What is housing discrimination examples?

What acts are considered to be housing discrimination?

  • Refusing to sell, rent, or lease.
  • Refusing to negotiate for a sale, rental, or lease.
  • Saying that housing or an apartment is not available for inspection, sale, or rental when it is, in fact, available.
  • Denying or withholding housing accommodations.
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How do I report a problem to HUD?

You can speak with an FHEO intake specialist by calling 1-800-669-9777 or 1-800-877-8339. You can also call your regional FHEO office at the phone numbers on this list.

Which of the following is a penalty for violating the Fair Housing Act?

The maximum civil penalties are: $16,000, for a first violation of the Act; $37,500 if a previous violation has occurred within the preceding five-year period; and $65,000 if two or more previous violations have occurred within the preceding seven-year period.

What is the maximum number of days after filing a complaint that HUD must conclude an investigation?

100 days
The Investigation. HUD or the FCHR is supposed to complete its investigation within 100 days of the date the complaint was filed; however, the time can be (and usually is) extended as needed.

What is the most common type of fair housing discrimination?

Race used to be the most common type of housing discrimination alleged by residents. About 57 million Americans have a disability, and people with disabilities are protected under the Fair Housing Act, which also prohibits housing discrimination based on sex, race, religion, color, national origin and family status.

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What are the different types of housing discrimination?

California law protects individuals from illegal discrimination by housing providers based on the following:

  • Race, color.
  • Ancestry, national origin.
  • Citizenship, immigration status*
  • Primary language*
  • Age*
  • Religion.
  • Disability, mental or physical.
  • Sex, gender.

Can you make a complaint about a section 8 tenant?

Section 8 is part of the housing choice voucher program, in which qualifying individuals receive vouchers to find their own housing. If you live near a Section 8 tenant and have complaints about them or the way they are maintaining their property, you can file a complaint.

How can I file a complaint about my housing unit?

To file a complaint about your unit or the property you are living in, contact the housing authority or management company that manages your unit.

What are my rights against a section 8 neighbor?

If you do not think that the landlord is handling the situation with the neighbor correctly, or if the tenant continues damaging common areas or other property, you have the right to contact the local housing office and file a complaint with the city.

Where to file a complaint about a Housing Choice Voucher?

Housing Choice Voucher Complaints: Complaints, other than complaints related to discrimination, about Housing Choice Vouchers can be reported to the Public and Indian Housing Customer Service Center at [email protected] or 1-800-955-2232.