How many banks are there in Timor-Leste?

How many banks are there in Timor-Leste?

Timor-Leste has a relatively diverse financial system. The country has five commercial banks, four of which are branches of foreign-owned banks. The financial system also includes insurance companies, microfinance institutions, money transfer operators, financial cooperatives, and credit unions (Table 2).

Is East Timor rich?

The economy of East Timor is a low-income economy as ranked by the World Bank. It is placed 133rd on the Human Development Index, indicating a medium level of human development….Economy of East Timor.

GDP $1.484 billion (nominal, 2020) $4.459 billion (PPP, 2020)
GDP growth −1.1% (2018) 1.8% (2019e) −7.0% (2020f) 1.8% (2021f)

How much money does East Timor have?

GDP per capita in East Timor is expected to reach 875.00 USD by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the East Timor GDP per capita is projected to trend around 915.00 USD in 2022, according to our econometric models.

What is East Timor known for?

The country’s diverse culture is influenced by Roman Catholicism, Indonesian culture, and Portuguese culture. East Timor is also rich in art and amazing Southeast Asian cuisine. Aside from these, East Timor is also home to wonderful sightseeing spots that entices many tourists into the country.

Who is the governor of Banco Central de Timor Leste?

Abraão de Vasconselos
Banco Central de Timor-Leste (BCTL) is the central bank of East Timor located in its capital Dili….Banco Central de Timor-Leste.

Headquarters Avenida Xavier do Amaral No. 9, Dili, East Timor
Governor Abraão de Vasconselos
Central bank of East Timor
Currency East Timor centavo coins
Reserves 430 million USD

What is the language of East Timor?

Timor-Leste/Official languages
Timor-Leste (East Timor): Languages. This guide provides resources on the country’s history, languages, and government. Timor-Leste’s two official languages are Portuguese and Tetum, and its two working languages are English and Indonesian.

Why is East Timor so poor?

Causes. East Timor’s poverty problem is a major after-effect of the independence struggle against Indonesia, which seriously damaged infrastructure and dislocated thousands of East Timorese. As a result of the conflict, 95% of schools, previously built by the Indonesian government, were destroyed in 1999.

Is East Timor dangerous?

Crime continues to be a problem in Timor-Leste, including gang-related violence, robbery (in some cases armed), and assault. Be vigilant at all times and avoid displaying expensive items of jewellery or carrying large sums of money. There have been reports of harassment and violence against women.

What is the main religion in East Timor?

The majority of the population of East Timor is Christian, and the Catholic Church is the dominant religious institution, although it is not formally the state religion. There are also small Protestant and Sunni Muslim communities.

How do you say hello in Tetum?


  1. Elo Hello.
  2. Bon dia Good day.
  3. Botarde Good afternoon.
  4. Bonoite Good evening.
  5. Adeus or Hau ba lai Goodbye.

What is the least visited country in the world?

1. Nauru: <1000 visitors. Plunked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this tiny island nation covers less than 21 square kilometers and is home to less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Did Australia help East Timor?

Australia has led international support for East Timor during its first 10 years of independence, not only as the largest bilateral donor of development assistance, but also by providing a leadership role to ensure security and stability in the country.

Is East Timor safe to visit?

How do you say hello in Timor?


  1. Elo Hello.
  2. Bon dia Good day.
  3. Botarde Good afternoon.
  4. Bonoite Good evening.
  5. Adeus or Hau ba lai Goodbye.

What is the rarest country?

Tuvalu. Tuvalu is among the world’s most isolated nations. With more than 100 tiny islands scattered across the South Pacific, the country of Tuvalu is among the world’s most isolated nations. Only the main island, Funafuti, has an airport.

What is the most beautiful country in the world?

Italy is truly the world’s most beautiful country. It flaunts the most inspiring cultural treasures and magnificent scenery, which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Venice, Florence and Rome with their diverse architecture, Tuscany with its rolling hills, vineyards and snow-peaked mountains will mesmerize you.

How dangerous is Timor-Leste?

How do you say good morning in East Timor?

Useful phrases in Tetum

English Lia-Tetun (Tetum)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Bondia Dader diak Boasdias
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Botarde Lorokraik diak Boastarde
Good evening (Evening greeting) Bonoite Kalan diak Boasnoite
Good night Bonoite Kalan diak Boasnoite

What is the happiest country in the world?

The 10 Happiest Countries in the World

  1. Finland. For the fourth year in a row, Finland is number one when it comes to happiness.
  2. Denmark. Denmark remained in the number two spot this year.
  3. Switzerland.
  4. Iceland.
  5. Netherlands.
  6. Norway.
  7. Sweden.
  8. Luxembourg.

What is the most least popular country?

Why you should go to the world’s least-visited countries

  1. Tuvalu. Tuvalu is among the world’s most isolated nations.
  2. Kiribati. Kiribati’s beauty is matched by its remoteness.
  3. Marshall Islands.
  4. Montserrat.
  5. Niue.
  6. American Samoa.
  7. Solomon Islands.
  8. Comoros.