How much is a Phillies box?

How much is a Phillies box?

How much do Philadelphia Phillies suites cost? Philadelphia Phillies luxury suites cost between $3,500-$6,000 on average. A Phillies suite varies in price based on who the opponent is, day of the week, and suite size/location in Citizens Bank Park.

How do you get box seats at the Phillies game?

Reserve a Suite or Club Deck for a Phillies game to get incomparable sightlines, privacy, and catering. Call the Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000 or email [email protected] to explore our spaces and to book your event!

What is the terrace deck at Citizens Bank Park?

Philadelphia Phillies Terrace Deck Seats offer an affordable way for fans to watch a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, but they are the worst seats in the stadium. The Phillies Terrace Deck stretches from section 412 to section 434 and covers the infield and left field foul lines of the ballpark.

What MLB team has the most expensive tickets?

the Boston Red Sox
AL East. Before the 2020 MLB season was played without fans, the Boston Red Sox had the honor of having the most expensive tickets with an average price of $167.

How much is a suite at a Sixers game?

A 76ers suite rental will cost between $2,500-$5,000 for most games.

Where does the sun shine at Citizens Bank Park?

right field
Seats in the Shade at Phillies 4:05 games The sun will be shining brightest in the direction of the fans in the right field stands, including those in the corner on the foul side of the foul pole.

How much are Phillies tickets behind home plate?

The most expensive tickets will be those behind home plate which offer a prime view of the infield action. For the current season, Philadelphia Phillies tickets are starting as low as $7.00, with the most expensive tickets priced at $3747.00. The average price of tickets for the 2021 season is around $117.18.

How do I get my name on the Phillies scoreboard?

This season, guests can celebrate their anniversary with their names in lights on the scoreboard for the low cost of $10. A limited number of packages are available per game. At least five days in advance registration is required by calling Ticket Services at 215-463-1000.

Where is the shade at Citizens Bank Park?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Citizens Bank Park are located: On the 3rd base side of the park. Farther back in that section in a row that’s under cover. The back half of the 200-level in foul territory.

Will my seats be in the sun?

If you look straight up from your seats, you’ll be under an overhang or the roof. Covered seats DO NOT guarantee any protection from the sun. While many covered seats are also shaded, many covered seats are highly exposed to the sun.

How much is a hot dog at Fenway Park?

How much are hot dogs at Fenway Park? Fenway Franks, at $5.25 each, are a relative bargain; the Cubs topped the majors in hot dog prices at $5.75.

How much is a ticket to a Yankees game?

New York Yankees Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Yankee Stadium $81
2019 Yankee Stadium $53
2018 Yankee Stadium $51
2017 Yankee Stadium $50

How much is a suite for an NBA game?

SINGLE GAME LUXURY SUITE RENTALS & TICKETS FOR NBA GAMES Luxury suite prices will vary based on timing and opponent, but will typically range from $1,500 to $4,500 for most of the Philadelphia 76ers games.

What is the difference between club seating and luxury seating?

Club Seating vs Luxury Seating The main difference between the two is that club seating is open to the elements. Luxury seating includes a roof and usually insulated windows and doors to keep you away from the weather. Both seating options are premium compared to a regular ticket. You will pay more for a luxury ticket.

How many fans does Citizens Bank Park have?

43,035 fans
Citizens Bank Park can hold 43,035 fans.

How much are Phillies tickets in 2021?

Philadelphia Phillies Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Citizens Bank Park $69
2020 Citizens Bank Park $69
2019 Citizens Bank Park $43
2018 Citizens Bank Park $36

Can you watch batting practice at Citizens Bank Park?

A festive outfield entertainment area named in honor of Phillies legend Richie Ashburn. Opens two hours prior to game time so fans can watch batting practice. Note: Ashburn Alley (and all the ballpark gates) opens 90 minutes before game time for the 2021 season.