Is GTBank a commercial bank?

Is GTBank a commercial bank?

Guaranty Trust Bank plc was incorporated as a limited liability company licensed to provide commercial and other banking services to the Nigerian public in 1990. The Bank commenced operations in February 1991, and has since then grown to become one of the most respected and service focused banks in Nigeria.

Who is the owner of GTBank PLC?

Segun Agbaje (Jun 22, 2011–)
Guaranty Trust Bank/CEO

How old is GTBank?

31 years (January 17, 1990)
Guaranty Trust Bank/Age

How many countries is GT Bank in?

Guaranty Trust Bank

Type Public limited company
Area served Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Liberia, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom
Key people Miriam Olusanya, (CEO) Osaretin Demuren, (Chairman)
Products Retail banking Commercial banking Corporate banking
Services Banking

Which bank has most customers in Nigeria?

Zenith Bank Plc
Zenith Bank Plc is now officially Nigeria’s largest bank by Customer Deposit….

Savings 1,028,082.00
Term 1,030,779.00
Domiciliary 473,317.00
E-purse 11,470.00

Is GTBank a good bank?

Agusto & Co, a leading research and credit rating agency, in its third edition of Consumer Banking Satisfaction Index report, has disclosed that Guaranty Trust Bank ranked highest in user experience. GTBank emerged the Best Digital Bank in Nigeria with a user experience score of 74.2.

Which bank is the best bank in Nigeria 2020?

Zenith Bank
Consistent with this superlative performance and in recognition of its track record of exceptional performance, Zenith Bank was voted as Bank of the Year (Nigeria) in The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2020, Best Bank in Nigeria in the Global Finance World’s Best Banks Awards 2020 and Best Corporate Governance’ …

Which bank is best for fixed deposit in Nigeria?

Below is a list of interest rates of 6 top banks in Nigerian fixed deposit account (old info)

  • First Bank of Nigeria fixed deposit account interest rate.
  • Stanbic IBTC fixed deposit account interest rate.
  • Wema Bank fixed deposit account interest rate.
  • Access Bank fixed deposit account interest rate.

What’s the meaning of GT Bank?

Guaranty Trust Bank
About Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is a multinational financial institution that provides individuals, businesses, private and public institutions across Africa and the United Kingdom with a broad range of market-leading financial products and services.

Who is the richest bank in Nigeria?

Top 10 Richest Banks in Nigeria by Asset Value

S/N Banks Total Asset Value (2020 Financial Year)
1 Ecobank ₦9.3 Trillion
2 Zenith Bank ₦7.973 Trillion
3 Access Bank ₦7.925 Trillion
4 First Bank ₦7.243 Trillion

Which bank is safe for fixed deposit?

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Bank name Tenure Interest rate (%) per annum
IDFC Bank 91 days to 180 days 6.75
Kotak Mahindra Bank 181 to 363 days 6.5
SBI 180 to 210 days 6.35
Axis Bank 6 months to 8 months 29 days 6.25

Is innoson the owner of GTBank?

Nigerian vehicle manufacturer, Innoson Nigeria Limited, has asked the Federal High Court to stop Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Plc from changing its legal status from a public limited liability company until it pays over N32 billion allegedly owed Innoson.

Is there a HSBC bank in Nigeria?

HSBC and UBS have closed their offices in Nigeria, the country’s central bank a report said on Friday as it revealed foreign investment had fallen sharply from a year ago.

What is the most richest bank in Nigeria?

Which is the strongest bank in Nigeria?

Top 5 Strongest Commercial Banks In Nigeria

  • Access Bank | N8. 7 trillion Assets.
  • Zenith Bank | N8. 5 trillion Assets.
  • United Bank For Africa (UBA) | N7. 7 trillion Assets.
  • First Bank of Nigeria | N7. 7 trillion Assets.
  • GTB | N4. 9 trillion Assets.

    Which is better bank FD or Post Office FD?

    The Post Office Time Deposit Account (TD) is much better than bank FD. In this, you get 6.7 per cent interest for five years. One of the most preferred investments of post office is Time Deposit Scheme.

    Can I break my 5 years fixed deposit?

    5 Year FD Rates Banks offer a higher rate of interest to senior citizens on regular term deposit. The Tax Saving FD is also for 5 years, but it does not allow premature closure or breaking of FD before the end of tenure. Currently, among banks, the highest rate of interest is provided by PNB Housing Finance @ 6.70%.