Is it possible to find the market value of raw land?

Is it possible to find the market value of raw land?

As any real estate appraiser can tell you, it’s virtually impossible to reach the point of 100% certainty about any property’s market value of a property, and that’s especially true for unimproved land. The good news is, there is almost always a way to get reasonably comfortable with a “ballpark value” on a property, even with raw land.

What do you need to know about selling inherited land?

Be prepared to sell your inherited land by confirming that the land’s ownership and title has been properly cleared. This may be an issue if multiple beneficiaries are involved. Also, make sure your land is ready to be shown and in good condition – first impressions are very important!

When did my father sell his house and land?

Our father died in 2007, leaving his children a house and a little land that he’d lived in since 1970, his only asset. We finally sold it this year (for only a few hundred thousand; not a high-end home).

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Is it worth it to sell a piece of land?

If you own land with an incredible location (or view, or access, or resources, etc.) unlike any other in the area, that’s probably worth something. However, if your property is one of a hundred others exactly like it, and all of which are currently listed for sale – that will make it much harder to sell your property at a premium price.

Which is the most recently sold property in Australia?

A waterfront property with a private jetty on this island has sold under the hammer for a record price. Want to see what it looks like to renovate a classic home when the budget is endless? A-list actor Jason Statham show… Sweeney’s Hut on Kimo Estate overlooks acres of bushland. From its A-frame design to its hilltop vantage point, this …

Where can I find the value of vacant land?

Appraisers usually find this data from various public records, real estate agents, other appraisers, etc. These valuation approaches usually work fairly well for houses, apartments, commercial buildings and the like, but vacant land is a completely different story.