The secrets of a good essay paper

Why do people need to write an essay? At first, an essay is a thing which we use to express our opinion on a certain theme. In a manner by going on this kind of mission, pupils at schools or students at their universities learn how to think. Therefore, it is one way to share our thoughts with surroundings. In this article, I will inform you how to write an essay and tell about common mistakes you can be faced in the process.

Choice of the theme

How to choose the theme of the essay? Assume that you already have a range of topics. Pick up the one in which you have some good knowledge or choose the most interesting of them. In another situation when you have a chance to think of it by yourself, I will advise you to orient on qualities which would be expected from your work by your reader. I mean, when you address it to an employer or a teacher, it should be written the way to impress them. Demonstrate your skills: originality, literacy, professionality, etc.

Problem awareness

Before you start to compose an essay, make sure you understand the theme. It is really important. Depending on this the level of success of the paper will be determined. In order to do that, make sure of the meaning of the words. If required, write it down from the dictionary.

And then afterwards, ask several questions about the topic you write about. It helps you not get out of the topic. Thereafter, try to answer the questions by yourself or learn about them using, for example, the Internet.

Essay skeleton

The next step is a plan for your essay. The plan includes 3 parts:

  2. The BODY;

First part: the INTRODUCTION

In this part explain why the problem you write about is actually the problem and why it is important for people nowadays. You can also raise one or two rhetorical questions to make the prospective reader be interested in.

Second part: the BODY

This is the most creative part of the work. You can separate it on a few paragraphs. In each paragraph give short answers on questions you asked before and argument them with pros and cons.

Further, use the examples (not less than 2 in the whole paper) which confirm your thoughts. Here you can mention books you have read, films you have watched someday, your life situation, etc.

You should remember to write your personal opinion according to other points of view. After each paragraph give a brief output.

Final part: the CONCLUSION

When you will write this part, mark the main message of your essay paper and important things on which others should pay attention. It could look like such as manual or recommendation for others or your personal hopes for the future.

Amount of essay paper

The most harmonious division is when the text divided like this: 1/4 takes the introduction, 2/4 takes the body and 1/4 takes the conclusion.

Additional recommendations

  1. Write simply.

Use the words you understand. Pretend you are trying to explain it to your friend.

  1. Write short.

Devote only necessary. The essay should not be overburdened with useless information and be complicated to understand. It would be better if you use short sentences in your paper.

  1. Do not lose the link with the theme.

Every time return to the subject you write about. People frequently take a false step, while they turn a blind eye to a moment they start to write about something else because the result of this replacement would not be referred to as an essay anymore.

  1. Check your work several times.

The grammar and the plot have to be correct. You should verify you convey the idea which you imply since the beginning. What is more, it also should not be ambiguous.

Equally, if it is still hard for you or you have a brain freeze, the best essay writing service is always ready to help you. In fact, that is all. If you take into account these rules, you will write great essays. I wish you good luck.

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