What does a purpose statement look like?

What does a purpose statement look like?

Specific and precise – not general, broad or obscure. Concise – one or two sentences. Clear – not vague, ambiguous or confusing. Goal-oriented – stated in terms of desired outcomes.

How do you write a specific problem statement?

How to write a problem statementDescribe how things should work.Explain the problem and state why it matters.Explain your problem’s financial costs.Back up your claims.Propose a solution.Explain the benefits of your proposed solution(s).Conclude by summarizing the problem and solution.

Why is there a need to indicate the purpose statement in the making of the statement of the problem?

A purpose statement conveys the overall intent of your research in a single sentence. It indicates what you intend to accomplish and establishes the central direction for your research. The purpose statement should flow logically from your Problem Statement. Your purpose is your goal or your overall aim of inquiry.

Which thesis statement is an example of a three point statement?

So, an example three-point thesis statement would be: School uniforms should be required because they make school safer, promote school spirit and save parents money.

Where can you find the thesis statement of a research paper?

The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph of a paper.

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