What does CLG mean in bank statement?

What does CLG mean in bank statement?

Your bank, in turn, requests money from the other bank, usually via an intermediary, and thus funds are credited to your account, appearing as CLG in your account statements. CLG in banking terms means clearing.

What is CLG in police?

Community Liaison Group (CLG)

What is CLG meeting?

We have formed Community Liaison Groups (CLGs) at the state, district and PS level where eminent and non-political persons from the society are called to attend a meeting with police to voice their complaints and to give their suggestions for providing better policing to the society.

How can I file FIR online in Rajasthan?

https://police.rajasthan.gov.in/citizen/login.htm? Enter complainant’s mobile number- complainant’s working mobile number. Enter complainant’s email ID: Email-ID is important because a copy of your e-FIR will be sent to you via email for verification.

What is the CLG?

Counter Logic Gaming (gaming clan) CLG.

What is CTS MICR o w CLG?

CTS is based on a cheque truncation or online image-based cheque clearing system where cheque images and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) data are captured at the collecting bank branch and transmitted electronically. …

How long does a cheque take to clear national bank?

Federally regulated financial institutions are able to hold the money you deposit by cheque for 4 to 8 days. The amount of time depends on the amount of the cheque and how it was deposited.

What is CLG in text?

CLG. Can’t Let Go. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 23 definitions) Note: We have 81 other definitions for CLG in our Acronym Attic. CLFMI.

What is speed CLG charge?

At present, RBI does not allow banks to charge more than Rs 150 per cheque for speed clearing of cheques worth over Rs 1 lakh, while there are no charges for value up to Rs 1 lakh. However, speed clearing of cheques with value up to Rs 1 lakh would continue to remain exempt of any service charges.

What is CLG in education?

The meaning of CLG is Connected Learning Gateway and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Education terminology and CLG has 2 different meaning. All meanings which belong to CLG abbreviation are take part only within Education terminology and other meanings are not found.

What is CLG in architecture?

CLG — Ceiling. COL — Column. CW — Cavity wall. CT — Ceramic tile. D — Door or dryer.

What is CTS process?

Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is a process of clearing cheques electronically rather than processing the physical cheque by the presenting bank en-route to the paying bank branch. It is a step undertaken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for quicker cheque clearance.

What are the features of CTS Cheque?

The following are the features of CTS 2010 cheques:

  • These types of cheques are very image friendly.
  • In-built with more security features.
  • The IFSC Code is generally printed on the top of the cheque leaf.
  • Quality of paper will be maintained.
  • The bank’s logo will ideally be in a type of invisible ink.

    What does CLG stand for in terms of banking?

    CLG stands for clearing in terms of banking. When one bank collect cheque of another bank , it goes for clearing in clearing house.

    Where does the clearing of a cheque take place?

    The clearing process begins with the deposit of a cheque in a bank. The cheque (along with other cheques) is delivered to the bank/branch where it is drawn.

    What happens when you deposit a cheque into your account?

    When you deposit a cheque into your account, your bank will send an image of the cheque to the payer’s bank. The purpose is to collect the cheque amount for crediting into your account. This process is called cheque clearing.

    When do you get credit for clearing a cheque?

    The cheques clearing system as explained above is undergoing many changes to make it possible the cheques are cleared as early as possible and the customers are afforded credit immediately after they deposit a chaque with his/her bank.