What does Cypher say when Neo sees an agent?

What does Cypher say when Neo sees an agent?

Cypher chided Neo on his selection by Morpheus’ and his belief of being The One: “Jesus… what a mind job”. He warned Neo to do the same thing that all other Zion operatives do when they see an agent: run.

What did the oracle say to Neo?

The Oracle Is Manipulating Events This can be highlighted through a seemingly innocuous event: when she and Neo meet for the first time, she says “Don’t worry about the vase.” This utterance takes Neo by surprise, which leads to him inadvertently knocking the vase over.

What does Neo say in the elevator?

After the lobby shootout, Neo and Trinity are on top of the elevator. Just as he’s about to shoot the wire, (which would cause the elevator to drop and them to ascend to the top) he whispers to himself, “There is no spoon”.

What is the architect saying in the matrix?

The Architect : Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision.

What does Trinity say to Neo when he died?

Why did Trinity say: “everything but this”. Just before Agent Smith appears, Trinity says to Neo: “Neo, I want to tell you something, but I’m afraid of what it will mean if I do. Everything the Oracle told me has come true… everything but this.” She hesitates, and then Smith shows up to kill them and interrupts her.

Why is Neo the chosen one?

Neo wasn’t chosen. He was the result of a systemic anomaly. Normally, other anomalies in the past never fell in love with anyone. Hence they chose to pick 23 people from Zion to restart.

Why did neo say there is no spoon?

As the two rescuers are on the precipice of being flung to the top floor by way of an elevator cable, Neo echoes the boy’s wisdom. In The Matrix, when Neo says “There is no spoon”, it signifies his evolution to a consciousness beyond logic, where anything is possible.

What does Trinity do to bring Neo back to life?

While he was inside the Matrix, he had the power to do anything with the Matrix code. He could even change the code/reality that Trinity’s mind was living. Neo changed the signal which told Trinity’s brain that she was dying of a bullet hit, and hence he was able to bring her back to life.

Why didn’t Neo kill the architect?

In it, he speaks to a being known Deus Ex, which is either the leader of the machine race, or an interface which allows the machine collective to speak as one (the film never specifies which is the case). Because of all this, killing the architect would solve no direct purpose.

Who is Neo talking to at the end of the Matrix?

Originally Answered: In The Matrix, who is Neo talking to on the phone at the end of the movie? Per The Matrix 101 site: Neo is talking (possibly metaphorically) to the machine mainframe. He’s talking to the Source, to the power behind the machines, to whatever sends the Agents after him.

Why did Smith cut himself?

When Agent Smith copied himself onto Neo, he inadvertently connected to the Source and the machines were able to delete him. Going back to the end of the first Matrix movie, Neo destroyed Smith. Like all programs when they break, they must return to the Source to be deleted.

Why did Neo not die?

So, Neo was never dead in the first film, as his mind was spread in two realities. It was just Trinitiy’s kiss in the right moment, that taught him to sense the difference and gave him the bond to the outer world he needed to stop his mind kill him.

Who gave Neo the spoon?

Spoon Boy
Spoon Boy was first seen bending a spoon during Neo’s first visit to the Oracle. While Neo was waiting, Spoon Boy taught him to also bend spoons. These teachings were instrumental in giving Neo his first hint towards his own powers after he managed to bend the spoon that was offered to him.

Where does the name Morpheus come from?

Morpheus (‘Fashioner’, derived from the Ancient Greek: μορφή meaning ‘form, shape’) is a god associated with sleep and dreams. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses he is the son of Sleep, and he appears in dreams in human form. From the medieval period, the name began to stand more generally for the god of dreams, or of sleep.