What does front of house include?

What does front of house include?

The front of house is the part of your restaurant where customers enter and leave, order and dine. It includes everything from outdoor seating and waiting areas, to the dining room, bar and toilets. The back of house on the other hand, is where all the behind-the-scenes operations take place.

How many departments are there in front office?

Introductions To The Hotel Front Office Department The main function of this department is Reservation, Guest service, Check-in, Check-out, Telephone, Finance & Cashiering, Foreign Exchange, Room Assignment, Inquiry etc. The Front Office is also called the nerve centre of a hotel.

What are the different section of front office Department?

Front office department plays an important role in image building of a hotel. The reception desk includes front office cashier, information, and registration section. The other section of the front office is telephone operator, reservation and business centre.

Who are the front of the house employees?

The front of house staff members in a restaurant are the face of the establishment. They are the employees that customers come in contact with, such as the hostess taking names, the bartender making drinks, the waiter delivering meals and the busboy cleaning tables.

Which employee would you find in the front of the house?

It includes everything from the host stand and waiting area to the dining room, bar, outdoor seating, and restrooms. Your front-of-house staff might include a host or hostess, servers, bartenders, and the general manager — basically anyone who might interact with customers.

Why is front of house important?

Front of house, especially if it is a waiting on role is the ultimate in multitasking. Looking after a variety of tables with a whole host of different customers all at different stages in their meal, as well as it being vital to be organised, it also calls for the ability to prioritize.

What’s FOH and BOH?

The “front of house”(FOH) is all aspects of the restaurant forward of the kitchen wall, and, if there’s one, an expo “window.” The “back of house” (BOH) is simply the kitchen. Considered “industry terms,” the FOH and BOH are machines that any aspiring restaurateur should be more than familiar with.

Who are the front office staff?

The staff includes desk clerk, cashier, reservations manager, concierge, night auditor, telephone operator, bell staff, room key clerk, and elevator operator. Not all of these positions are found in every lodging establishment.

What makes a good front of house manager?

A good front of house manager effectively communicates their expectations so staff members can perform well as a team. Front of house managers must be very organized and stay on top of all shift changes. They answer questions from staff promptly and treat both team members and customers with respect.

Why are front of house activities important?

The front of the house designates all of the areas in a restaurant where customers can go. While the back of house is important, the FOH is where your customers directly experience your establishment. That means that every aspect of the front of house should be geared toward a good customer experience.

What makes a good front of house staff?

Front of House Employee Characteristics A friendly attitude. Good customer service skills. Adept at handling customer complaints. Service oriented.

What is the front of the house in a hotel?

What is the Front of House? Simply put, the front of house departments are guest-facing. They work directly with guests and handle operational tasks, like check-ins and check-outs.

What does FOH mean?

Front of House
FOH means Front of House, which refers to the public parts of bars and restaurants that guests interact with. Think the dining room, bar, cocktail area, patio, private dining rooms, waiting area, and coat check.