What is school recess in French?

What is school recess in French?

[ˈriːsɛs , rɪˈsɛs ] noun. (in room) renfoncement m. (for bed) alcôve f.

Is sous a French word?

From French sous ‘under’.

How do you say die in French?


  1. [ person, animal, plant] mourir. He died last year. Il est mort l’année dernière. to be dying être mourant(e) He’s dying. Il est mourant. to die of sth, to die from sth mourir de qch. to be dying of sth (literal) [illness, cancer] mourir de qch.
  2. [ engine] caler.
  3. (= come to an end) s’éteindre.

What does BOM mean in French?

Bom. dustbin lorry, garbage truck, waste collection vehicle. dustbin lorry, garbage truck, waste collection vehicle. Translate the French term Bom to other languages.

How do you spell math in French?

For anyone who is wondering, the French word for maths is mathématiques.

What is the opposite of sous in French?

The word sous is a French prefix often used in occupational titles, such as ‘sous-chef….What is the opposite of sous?

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sos soups
soul sobs

What is the word sous mean?

What is die in French?

mourir. More French words for die. mourir verb. perish, end, die off, be dying, pass away.

How do you yell in French?

“yell” translation into French

  1. crier.
  2. hurler.
  3. clamer.
  4. s’égosiller.

Is bonbon a French word?

The word “bonbon” arose from the reduplication of the word bon, meaning “good” in the French language. Its use originated in the seventeenth century within the French royal court, and spread to other European countries by the eighteenth century.

What’s Bon Appetit mean?

good appetite
: good appetite : enjoy your meal.

What is French religion?

noun. religion f. What religion are you? Quelle est votre religion ? the Christian religion la religion chrétienne.

What is French for next to?

From To Via
• next to → à côté de ↔ naast

What does sous chef mean in English?

: the top assistant in a professional kitchen The typical restaurant kitchen is set up so the absence of the head chef is not felt in the dining room. It is the assistant, the sous-chef, who is usually in charge of production, with the head chef the administrator and creative force.—

What is in in French?

The prepositions en and dans both mean “in” in French, and can both express time and location.

What is the kanji for death?

死 (shi) means “death,” and consists of two parts. The top and left line represents a bone and the left side represents a person who is upside down in the ground. It indicates death of the person.

[ˈriːsɛs , rɪˈsɛs ] (in room) renfoncement m.

What is Ghana in French?

French Translation. Ghanéen. More French words for ghanaian. ghanéennes. ghanaian.

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Is Ghana feminine in French?

Please rate the definition of “ghanaian” which is the most useful for you….ghanaian.

English French
1. Ghanaian Ghanéen
2. Ghanaian (adjective) ghanéenne (feminine adjective)
3. Ghanaian (adjective) ghanéennes (feminine plural adjective)

What is the masculine and feminine of Ghana in French?

ghanéen (feminine singular ghanéenne, masculine plural ghanéens, feminine plural ghanéennes)

How do u say art in French?

art → art, enseignement du dessin, leçon de dessin.

Is Ghana French?

All of Ghana’s immediate neighbors use French as their official language and in the wider Ecowas regional block, eight out of 15 member countries are Francophone.

How do you say she is a student in French?

Elle est étudiante. = She is a student.

Widely used phrases

British English: recess NOUN. A recess is a break between the periods of work of an official body such as a committee, a court of law, or a government.

When does a court break for a recess?

A recess is a break between the periods of work of an official body such as a committee, a court of law, or a government. The conference broke for a recess. When formal meetings or court cases recess, they stop temporarily. The hearings have now recessed for dinner.

What does recess mean in the beauty industry?

Instinct told me it formed the deepest, darkest recesses of the misogynistic capitalist system that is the beauty industry. They may be aware of risks, but they are parked to the deepest recesses of the mind during action. ‘Let’s take a ten-minute recess’, the judge said, pounding his gavel.

When does Parliament return from its summer recess?

Parliament returns to work today after its summer recess. Parliament was recalled from its summer recess. Some in Congress are concerned the war option could be adopted in November when Congress is in recess. The conference broke for a recess. Collins! Collins!