What is the logo of UCO Bank?

What is the logo of UCO Bank?

The logo of UCO bank consists of a pair of clasped hands covered with an octagonal structure. It has been coloured blue since the organisation’s inception, blue representing the Bank’s national responsibility. The background has remained yellow since the beginning as well. The motto UCO Bank is “Honours your Trust”.

What is full form of UCO Bank?

Soon this nascent idea came into reality and, on the 6th of January 1943, The United Commercial Bank Ltd. was born with its Registered and Head Office at Kolkata.

What type of bank is UCO Bank?

commercial bank
Founded in 1943, UCO Bank is a commercial bank and a Government of India Undertaking. Its Board of Directors consists of government representatives from the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India as well as eminent professionals like accountants, management experts, economists, businessmen, etc.

Is UCO a good bank?

UCO bank is a good account to use. Opened the UCO bank account last 6 months back and i am maintaining a balance of Rs. 45000 in this account. I am using their Internet banking facility and its very convenient to use but i never experienced of the mobile banking.

What does the Barclays logo mean?

strength, protection
BarclaysLogo. The Barclays logo incorporates the silhouette of an eagle-like bird that is formed into the shape of a shield. This design is meant to symbolize strength, protection, and an ever-watchful eye.

Is UCO bank good bank?

What logo is a blue eagle?

Barclays financial corporation
The Barclays financial corporation uses a blue eagle in their logo.

What animal is on the Barclays logo?

The eagle logo used by Barclays, however, predates the Nazi era by 230 years, dating back to 1690 when its predecessor bank set up in Lombard Street – the historic home of banking in the City of London. The image has been modified many times in the past.

Which bank pays highest salary to Po?

What is the salary of SBI Bank PO? SBI PO one of the most lucrative career. The basic pay of an SBI PO is Rs 27620. It includes four increments in the reimbursement size of 23700-980 (7) – 30560 – 1145 (2) – 32850 – 1310 (7) – 42020.