What is the meaning of findings?

What is the meaning of findings?

The principal outcomes of a research project; what the project suggested, revealed or indicated. This usually refers to the totality of outcomes, rather than the conclusions or recommendations drawn from them.

What is another word for findings?

Findings Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for findings?resultverdictpronouncementdecreesettlementfindingorderarbitramentsentenceresults46

How do you use findings in a sentence?

When he had summed up his findings, Anderson agreed that the evidence gathered to date pointed to a simple accident. The researchers could then present their findings and cite the sources they were able to draw upon.

How do you use findings?

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What is the recommendation?

1a : the act of recommending. b : something (such as a procedure) recommended. 2 : something that recommends or expresses commendation.

What is the meaning of ballistics?

the science or study of the motion of projectiles, as bullets, shells, or bombs. the art or science of designing projectiles for maximum flight performance.

What are the 3 types of ballistics?

There are basically three types of ballistics, internal, external and terminal. Internal ballistics is the study of what happens within the barrel of a weapon from the moment the firing pin hits the primer to the time the bullets exits from the barrel.

What is the purpose of ballistics?

Forensic ballistics is the examination of evidence relating to firearms at a crime scene, including the effects and behavior of projectiles and explosive devices. A forensic ballistics expert matches bullets, fragments, and other evidence with the weapons of alleged suspects or others involved in a case.

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