What type of bank is Credit Agricole?

What type of bank is Credit Agricole?

Crédit Agricole Group’s Corporate & Investment Banking arm Crédit Agricole Group is a benchmark player in local banking, serving 52 million customers across 49 countries. Founded in 1885, it now has a presence in all segments of the banking, finance and insurance sectors and is one of Europe’s foremost banks.

Who owns Agricole bank?

SAS Rue La Boétie
Crédit Agricole/Parent organizations

Where is Credit Agricole from?

Crédit Agricole

Type Public, Cooperative
Founded 5 November 1894
Headquarters Montrouge , France
Area served Worldwide
Key people Dominique Lefebvre (Chairman) Philippe Brassac (CEO)

Is Credit Agricole a private bank?

Crédit Agricole Private Banking | Crédit Agricole.

What is the best European bank?

Top European Banks

Rank Bank Country
1 HSBC Holdings UK
2 BNP Paribas France
3 Credit Agricole Group France
4 Deutsche Bank Germany

Who owns Credit Agricole Egypt?

The Bank holds 99.99% stake in its subsidiary, Egyptian Housing Finance Company (EHFC. The Bank’s major shareholders include Credit Agricole SA and Almansour and Almaghraby for development and investment, among others….CREDIT AGRICOLE – EG.

2019 1 642.49
2020 1 576.69

Who owns SAS Rue La Boetie?

Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole
SAS Rue La Boétie/Parent organizations

Is CIB a good bank?

ArabFinance: The Commercial International Bank (CIB) (COMI) has been named the Best Emerging Markets Bank in 2020 and Egypt’s Best Bank by Global Finance, according to Global Finance’s 27th annual listing of the best banks globally, regionally and in more than 150 countries.

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CACIB Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain (UK)

What is the safest bank in Europe?

World’s safest banks

Rank Bank Country
1 KfW Germany
2 Zuercher Kantonalbank Switzerland
3 Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank Germany
4 L-Bank Germany

What CIB Bank stands for?

Corporate & Institutional Banking
Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB)

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Is CIB Egyptian?

CIB is the leading private-sector bank in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial products and services to its customers, which include more than 500 of Egypt’s largest corporations, enterprises of all sizes, institutions, and households.

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